July 15, 2024

Bungie developed Destiny 2 to incorporate FPS (First-person Shooter) and MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) aspects. Since its release in 2017, DLCs, seasonal content, and updates have changed gaming dynamics. 

The world of Destiny 2 is daunting for beginners trying to catch up on everything they have missed. Before we start, you should remember that weapons are vital in Destiny 2, and you must learn about Legendary Weapons Carry to succeed. 

Getting Started

Choosing Your Platform

For PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Stadia, and more, you can get Destiny 2. Cross-play is enabled so friends can join regardless of console preference. Choose the platform that suits your preferences and capabilities.

Creating Your Guardian

In Destiny 2, you assume the role of a Guardian – a resurrected warrior imbued with mystical powers. You must select from three classes that each come with their abilities:

  • Titan: Titans are tanks in Destiny 2 known for being strong and resilient; they can create barriers and execute powerful melee strikes.
  • Hunter: Hunters are quick and sneaky in their movements, thus having high mobility and precision; they have evaded moves that distract them from injury and deal lethal damage with knives.
  • Warlock: Warlocks use magical powers capable of damaging enemies and supporting teammates; They heal friends or throw explosive projectiles.


Each class has three elemental affinities called subclasses, namely Solar (fire), Arc (electric), and Void (darkness). These affect your abilities and super attacks. Try different classes/subclasses till you find what works best for you.

Understanding the HUD

Your Heads-Up Display (HUD) in Destiny 2 gives vital information:

  • Health/Shield – The health bar looks like it’s accompanied by a shield, which regenerates after some time.
  • Super Ability – A gauge shows how charged your Super Ability is, unleashing powerful attacks.
  • Abilities – Icons for your melee, grenade & class abilities show how long until they are ready to be used again.
  • Radar – A mini-map assists in tracking enemies and objectives.
  • Objectives – Quest and activity information appears on the left-hand side of the screen

Progressing Through the Game

Campaign and Story Missions

The new Light campaign is essential for beginners starting this game. This campaign introduces you to the mechanics, story, and universe of Destiny 2. Completing the New Light questline will lead to major expansions: Forsaken, Shadowkeep, Beyond Light, and The Witch Queen. 

Power Level

  • Destiny 2’s progress is measured by its Power Level, which determines your overall strength. This level denotes your gear’s average power. Here’s what you can do to raise it:
  • Complete Activities include participating in story missions or strikes, Crucible (PvP), Gambit, or Public Events.
  • Weekly Milestones offer powerful gear rewards that significantly boost your Power Level.
  • Infusion- You may fuse superior gear with favorite items to make them more potent.

Seasonal Content

Every season comes with its activities, stories, and prizes, making the game a fresh experience at any given time. Seasonal offerings also include free tracks for premium battle pass systems. Playing seasonal content keeps it exciting while providing opportunities to earn uncommon things.

Key Activities


There are different types of strikes that you can participate in to help fight callous enemies and bosses in small groups. These may differ in complexity, but they all serve as a way to advance and test your cooperation skills.


The Crucible is the new Player versus Player (PvP) mode in Destiny 2. Several game modes, such as Control, Clash, and Elimination, provide competitive play.

Engaging in Crucible matches allows players to earn gear and Crucible tokens, which can be turned into rewards from Lord Shaxx, the Crucible vendor.


This mode combines PvE elements with PvP elements. Four-player teams compete against each other to defeat enemies, gather motes, and summon Primeval boss. One can disrupt progress by going into the opposite team’s area. It is an exceptional strategic game type that rewards teamwork and organization.


Destiny 2’s raids offer the most challenging content for PvE players with the best results. These elaborate battles have several stages; they require a squad of six fighters who must operate closely together using specific tactics. Raids are home to some of the greatest gear available within Destiny 2 while acting as a skill test.

Gear and Loadouts


In D2, a wide range of guns are differentiated by individual characteristics and perks. Well-distinguished weapon slots:

  • Kinetic: Primary weapons with no elemental damage.
  • Energy: Primary weapons with elemental damage (Arc, Solar, Void).
  • Power: Heavy weapon examples include rocket launchers, sniper rifles, or swords.

It would help to try out different guns before settling on your favorite setup. The influence of weapon perks, mods, or Masterwork upgrades on performance cannot be underestimated.


Armor shields you from harm and enhances your abilities when adequately chosen. Armor bits have several stats: Mobility, Resilience, Recovery, Discipline, Intellect, and Strength. 

The above determines your movement speed, health regeneration, and skill cooldowns. To maximize effectiveness, invest in armor designed for your type of gameplay.

Mods and Customization

Mods are accessories placed onto weapons and armor to improve their functions and characteristics. For example, armor mods can enhance ability regen rate while weapon mods may increase accuracy or stability during shooting. Thus, put some effort into adjusting your gear with the help of mods.

Exotic Gear

The most powerful and rarest pieces of equipment in D2 are exotic ones. Each player can carry only one exotic armor and weapon at a time. Most exotics have special abilities that make gameplay radically different in some way from what it would be without them. They can be obtained by completing quests, participating in activities, or falling as loot after enemies’ deaths.

Social and Clan Features


Destiny 2 is all about playing together with other players. Fire teams consist of groups that complete activities as a team. You can join a fire team with friends or use matchmaking for most activities. Well-organized cooperation is vital, especially when dealing with high-level content like Nightfall Strikes.


Clans are groups formed by players who want to enjoy extra benefits together. Clan membership includes things like clan XP shared weekly engrams, having people you know to do various activities, etc. Many clans even have chats on Discord or any other platform where members can easily catch up.

Social Spaces

These locations include The Tower, where you interact with NPCs (non-player characters), get missions, buy items from vendors, etc., and meet up with random guardians. The two places mentioned above house characters offering bounties, quests, and rewards.

Make sure to regularly visit these social spaces so you don’t miss anything important, including the items that belong to you for matches you have won and rewards you have obtained.

Tips for New and Returning Players

Take Your Time

Destiny 2 is a massive game with an expansive universe. Take your time to explore, complete quests, and enjoy the storyline. Don’t be in such a hurry to experience everything; make every moment count.

Engage with the Community

The Destiny 2 community is passionate and helpful. Involve yourself with other players through forums, Discord servers, or social media. Before joining a clan or finding a group to play with, you can improve your experiences by getting into one.

Stay Updated

Bungie regularly updates Destiny 2 with patches, events, and new content. Forthcoming news and changes can be found on official channels like Bungie’s website, Twitter feed, or YouTube channel.

Experiment and Adapt

Destiny 2 has numerous customization options. See which weapons do best for you by trying out different ones.

What loadout suits the activity you are engaged in or the challenge facing you?

Have Fun

Ultimately, this is supposed to be fun! If you’re super serious about it or just casually playing around – what do you love most about this game? The world of Destiny 2 is an entire adventure waiting to be unlocked for its characters.


Destiny 2 is an ever-evolving open-world game that has something for everyone. This guide will help you navigate some of the complexities associated with starting fresh after taking a break from it and maximize your fun while there. Embrace the journey, make your way, and become a legend in Destiny 2.

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