July 15, 2024

You know the feeling. You’ve got a couple hours free and you’re itching to drop into King’s Canyon for some intense Apex Legends action. Your squad is assembled and ready to rock. But just as you’re about to select your legend, you get hit with that dreaded “Connection Error” message. Ugh. The servers must be down again. Before you chuck your controller across the room in frustration, take a deep breath and check the Apex server status. In this quick guide, I’ll show you the best ways to check if Apex is down right now so you can get back to bamboozling enemies and claiming victory royales in no time.

Is Apex Legends Down Right Now? Checking Server Status

Server Status

Getting constant error messages or endlessly waiting for a match? It’s frustrating when Apex Legends seems down or has server issues. Before you start troubleshooting your setup, quickly check if the game’s servers are actually online.

Respawn provides a handy server status page that shows the current state of Apex Legends servers across all platforms. Simply visit https://apexlegendsstatus.com/ to see if there are any active outages or scheduled maintenance.

Community Check

If the official server status doesn’t show any problems, it’s a good idea to check community forums and social media. Chances are other players have already posted about any widespread issues.

Reddit’s /r/ApexLegends is an active community for sharing the latest news and getting real-time updates from other Apex fans. Search for recent posts about “servers down” to see if anyone is experiencing the same problems.

In-Game Report

Sometimes, you may face connectivity problems specific to your data center or region. In these cases, the global server status may show all-clear even when you can’t get into a match.

From the main Apex menu, you can report your current experience by clicking the “!” icon in the top right. Select “No Servers Found” and submit feedback to let Respawn know about the localized issue.

Last Resort

If you’ve checked all the available sources and can’t find any reported problems, then it likely isn’t a widespread Apex Legends server outage. At this point, you’ll want to start troubleshooting your own connection, hardware, or game install.

But confirming the overall server status first can save you a lot of headaches! With quick checks in just a few places, you can quickly identify whether it’s a temporary Apex issue or something more localized.

Troubleshooting Tips When You Can’t Connect to Apex Legends

Check Your Internet Connection

First things first – is your internet working properly? If you’re unable to connect to Apex Legends, one of the most common culprits is a poor internet connection. Try restarting your router or modem, and run a speed test to ensure you’re getting decent upload and download speeds.

Apex Legends doesn’t require blazing fast internet, but a stable connection is crucial. Lag spikes and packet loss can easily kick you out of matches.

Update Apex Legends and Drivers

An outdated game client or graphics drivers could be the reason you’re struggling to get into the game. Head to the main menu and check if there are any pending Apex Legends updates. Install the latest patch to rule out any version conflicts.

It’s also a good idea to update your graphics card drivers while you’re at it. Manufacturers like NVIDIA and AMD frequently release new driver versions with stability improvements and game optimizations.

Repair Game Files

If updating doesn’t solve the issue, the next step is to verify the integrity of your Apex Legends game files. Corrupted or missing files can absolutely prevent you from connecting.

On Origin, right-click Apex Legends in your library and select “Repair Game.” On Steam, right-click the game, choose Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity of Game Files.

Check Apex Legends Server Status

In some cases, the problem might not be on your end at all. The Apex Legends servers could be down or undergoing maintenance, preventing you (and other players) from getting into matches.


Before assuming the worst, check Apex Legends’ social media channels or use a trusted server status website to see if the game is currently experiencing issues. If it is, the only solution is to wait patiently for the servers to come back online.

Exploring these troubleshooting tips should help you identify and resolve most common connection problems in Apex Legends. Happy gaming, legend!

Frequently Asked Questions About Apex Legends Server Status

What does it Mean when Apex Legends is Down?

When Apex Legends is “down”, it usually means the game servers are currently unavailable or experiencing issues. This can prevent players from logging in, joining matches, or cause gameplay disruptions like lag, disconnects or errors. Server downtimes are sometimes planned for maintenance, but unplanned outages can also occur due to technical difficulties.

How do I Know if Apex Servers are Online?

The quickest way is to check Apex Legends’ social media channels or the EA Service Status page for updates. You can also try launching the game – if it doesn’t connect, the servers are likely offline temporarily. Some third-party sites and apps also monitor server status.

Will I Lose Progress if I’m Disconnected?

No, your game progress, unlocks, and inventory are stored server-side. So even if you’re abruptly disconnected from a match due to an outage, your stats, XP, and any rewards earned will still be saved. Just rejoin once servers are back up.

Are Server Issues Common for Apex Legends?

Like many popular online games, Apex does experience the occasional server hiccup or maintenance period. However, the developers work quickly to resolve major issues disrupting gameplay for large numbers of players. Minor bugs or brief downtimes are normal but extended outages are relatively rare these days.

How long do Apex Legends Server Outages Usually Last?

The duration can vary widely depending on the issue’s severity. Minor hiccups may only last minutes or an hour or two at most.


But larger technical problems or major updates can potentially keep servers offline for several hours or longer in rare cases until fully resolved. EA aims for quick turnarounds.

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Maxi Players for Community Events

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No matter which platform you choose, you can rest assured that they are 100% legitimate and secure when it comes to handling tournaments and payouts. The esports scene has come a long way in just a few years – now it’s your turn to get in on the action!


So there you have it – a few quick and easy ways to check if Apex is down or if there are server issues. The server status page is usually the most reliable, but Reddit and Twitter can also give you a sense of what’s going on. And if all else fails, just try loading up a match yourself to see if you can connect. Server problems are annoying but inevitable with big online games like Apex Legends. Just hang in there, and keep an eye on the various status pages and community hubs to stay up to date. The devs are usually quick to identify and patch any major outages. In the meantime, maybe catch up on some single player titles in your backlog. Apex will be waiting for you when the servers are back up and running smoothly again.