February 27, 2024

Nintendo recently released Mario Run for iOS. The game allows one to play as four characters, each with their own unique features and abilities. This article will discuss those abilities and what they mean for the player. The first character that one can unlock is “Mario”. He has the most basic abilities of all the characters. His ground pound, like in previous Mario games, allows him to hit blocks below him and stun enemies for a few seconds. His second ability is slightly different; he can turn into his super form if he collects enough stars or gets hit by an enemy with a “Super” flag on their head.

Mario’s super form allows him to run, like the other characters, and fire projectiles at enemies. He can also break through bricks by running into them. If he runs into the right of the screen he will enter “Coin Rush”, which is similar to Toad Rally; but it is more about collecting as many coins as possible rather than getting the most amount of Toads. The next character that one can unlock is Mario’s little brother, “Yoshi”. Yoshi can eat enemies and turn them into eggs. He cannot fire those projectiles from his super form, but he can make a special egg that will periodically give him power-ups. The third character unlocked is “Peach”. Peach can hover for a moment by pressing the jump button again in mid air. This is great for reaching higher places and making small adjustments to one’s position when running into the right side of the screen to enter Coin Rush. Her second ability, like Mario’s, turns her into a super form.

How to unlock characters in mario run

Her super form has her dress up like “Bowser”, which increases the power of all her attacks. She can also turn into a balloon that allows her to float for a while, regardless of what buttons are pressed. The final character is “Toad”. Toad does not have any special abilities in his normal form. His super form, however, turns him into “Captain Toad” who has the ability to break through blocks. When he gets a power-up, his normal form gains an ability similar to Peach’s hover jump. While this is great for reaching higher places, it is mostly intended for collecting coins when in Coin Rush mode.

Mario Run Gameplay

Many fans were upset at the fact that Nintendo did not include all of Mario’s abilities in the game. There was no triple jump, backflip, wall kick or ground pound hover. The other characters mentioned above are also missing some moves that they should have had. The lack of moves for characters will be frustrating to some fans of the series; however, it is overall an enjoyable game that makes for short bursts of fun. The game also only has three levels (worlds) with four parts to each world. This means that there is not much content in Mario Run compared to other titles on the iOS or Android market. A full review of this game by TechRaptor can be found here.

TheSixthAxis scored the game 7/10, writing “Mario Run isn’t the Wii U hit ported to mobile – it’s a demonstration of what Mario on your smartphone should be like” and “there’s fun to be had with this approachable platformer, but it doesn’t do much to build on what’s gone before and the premium price makes it a hard sell”.


Mario is a fun game for all ages and is appropriate for the whole family. Use this guide to help you play as each character and become a better Mario Run player! Thanks for reading and check back soon for more guides, tips, tricks and cheats.