June 17, 2024

Forget the stylus. Forget handwriting recognition. Forget the lack of line-editing and cut/paste functions in text apps (I’m looking at you, Apple). The one thing that’s really missing from the iPad is a clipboard. I’ve been using an app called Paste Buddy for several months now and it works like a charm.

Unlike mobile devices with styluses, the iPad has no problem understanding input from my fingers. And unlike Microsoft Surface, where the stylus hovers above the surface, letting its position be tracked by cameras, Paste Buddy interprets touches or taps on an iPhone’s or iPod touch’s screen as user input because it doesn’t use any special hardware.

Where is clipboard on ipad

With Paste Buddy, you can work with all the rich text formatting options in your favorite iPad apps. The program’s initial list of supported apps was pretty limited but it now works with most text-inputting apps I’ve tested, including Evernote , Instapaper , Twitterrific , Manuscripts for Markdown and Dropbox .

Paste Buddy is $3.99 but you can try it out for free to see if it works with your favorite apps.

What is an iPad clipboard and what are its uses?

The iPad clipboard is a feature which allows you to store copied text, images and other information for pasting. Some people mistakenly think there isn’t any need for a clipboard or that it’s an unnecessary feature. However, things become different when you want to copy multiple items from the internet and paste them into documents on your iPad . The browser will not allow you to paste more than one item, and it will also remove anything that’s already stored on the clipboard .

This is where Paste Buddy can help you out. It takes control over the iPad clipboard and lets you save multiple items as well as delete those that are no longer needed , just like a real computer clipboard. When you want to paste one of those items, you can do it with a single tap.

How do you use the iPad clipboard to take notes or draw diagrams in class or at work?

When you are writing a text, inserting an image is as easy as copying it and pasting it into the document. But what if your work doesn’t involve typing or if you want to write something like a lecture or take notes?

One of Paste Buddy’s most interesting features is that it also works with non-text items . You can save images and other files to the clipboard. The app can even store multiple items, making sure you always have what you need at hand. Just like with text, you can paste an image or other object by tapping on it .

What are some of the best apps for taking notes on the iPad clipboard ?

There are a lot of apps that work great with Paste Buddy, including Evernote , Instapaper and Twitterrific. When it comes to note taking applications on the iPad clipboard, however, Manuscript is a good option for those who need advanced text formatting options.

You can create notes or edit existing ones using Markdown . This is a special syntax that allows you to use simple characters and symbols for formatting the text. The app also offers several other time-saving features like keyboard shortcuts, TextExpander integration and Dropbox syncing .


The iPad clipboard is a useful feature that can help you improve your productivity and save time. With Paste Buddy, your iPad gains a real-life clipboard that allows you to store multiple items from the internet, take notes or draw diagrams without having to jump from app to app. Although it’s not an essential tool for many users, the app brings a lot to the table and can be very useful in certain situations.