June 4, 2023

The Eleventh Dota 2 World Championship will start very soon. 30 teams will compete for the victory, which will compete for a large prize pool. We’ll tell you about one of the main eSports events of the year.

When will The International 11 tournament take place

For nine years the competition was held in August, but in 2020 the organizers had to depart from this tradition. Then the tournament was canceled due to the coronavirus, and the next year the dates of the event had to be moved to October. After that, Valve has decided that the competition will always take place in the fall. TI 11 Dota 2 will be held from 8 to 30 October.

Championship will open qualification “last chance”, where the 12 teams will partake. This stage will take place from October 8 to 12. Three days later, the group stage will begin with 20 squads, 16 of which will advance to the playoffs, which begin Oct. 20. After five days of competition, there will be a five-day break. The finals will be held the last weekend of October, the 29th and 30th.

Where Tl 11 will be held

In 2022, the tournament will be hosted by Singapore. A city famous for its iconic skyline, big business, delicious food and all types of gaming. The tournament in the Lion City (as the name of the city translates from Malay) will be held in two locations. The International 11 play-off matches will take place at the Suntec Exhibition Center. The venue regularly hosts global exhibitions of inventions in the field of atomic physics, technology and IT. Suntec has a floor space of 420,000 m².

The finals will be hosted by the Singapore Indoor Stadium, which can accommodate 12,000 spectators. Various sporting events are held here, including the 2010 Summer Youth Olympic Games. Musical stars also often perform here.

The size of the prize fund

TI’s prize pool each year is based on the proceeds of the Battle Passes that Valve issues a few months before the tournament. 25% of the proceeds go to TI’s coffers, so gamers themselves invest in the prizes for cyber athletes. The development company adds $1.6 million to the proceeds.

The record size of the TI prize pool was reached last year, when users donated $40 million. This year the amount will be much less, because Valve has delayed the release of the Battle Pass. Now in the piggy bank TI just over $ 12 million. In nutshell, the money up for grabs is incredible, a far cry from the prize kitty in lets say your local bingo tournament that’s for sure!

Who are the favorites

Typically at The International, teams from China demonstrate outstanding results. In the last three tournaments, the best team from that country has been PSG.LGD. Under the leadership of xiao8, different lineups of this team have participated in the grand finals twice (2018, 2021), and in 2019 PSG.LGD was in the top 3.

Also among the favorites are Team Spirit and OG. Both teams have won one major each this season. “Dragons” faced a slump in late spring and early summer, but in August they regained their form and proved their status as world champions. OG now has a new lineup of young gamers, with Misha as captain. The core roster successfully competed on European servers and in international tournaments. 




Vedmakzxc, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Dota 2 The International, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons 

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